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Finish Coating

The finish coating


What is ACM

Aluminum Composite Material is a painted aluminum board, composed of two aluminum sheets with a low density polyethylene thermoplastic core. It uses a sophisticated gluing process, which involves several adhesives at high temperatures. The painted surface of the aluminum sheet is coated with PVDF KYNAR
500 (70%) or polyester base. The result is a product with excellent uniformity, strength, and beauty, used for covering facades, pillars, canopies, totems, logos and much more.


ACM has several applications. It is a material with great aesthetic appeal and easy handling, it allows the designer freely use their creativity. Below are some application examples:

  • Exterior building facades, columns, beams and signs as well interior ceilings, partitions, displays, kiosks and many more.


ACM sheets are sold in a wide variety of colors and textures. They provide unparalleled beauty, high durability, quick installation, ease of handling and cleaning.

  • Low weight reducing its structural load.
  • Possibility of manufacturing special colors or measures, upon minimum batch.
  • Possibility of manufacturing with fl ame resistant mineral core (Class ll-A).
  • Flat surface guarantee, even in larger dimensions.
  • Stiff ness with excellent weight/strength ratio.
  • They may be bent or curved using suitable tools.
  • Paints with varied resins, which ensure strength and durability.
  • Stability with better thermal and acoustic performance.